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Fotorafie von dem Zopf eines Mädchens im Schnee

everyday photography

The everyday

Everyday life is often overlooked in photography. However, I am of the opinion that this often hides the most beautiful moments and I would like to capture them photographically for you.

Fotografie von zwei spielenden Ponies auf dem Paddok

your everyday life 

In everyday photography I accompany you in the many unobserved moments in your everyday life. Which part of your everyday life should be the focus or whether I should accompany you in the stable or on a walk with the dog and/or the family is entirely up to you. All options are open to you here.

Fotografie von einem Hund im See

The Training

Everyday training often offers many beautiful insights into the deep relationship between horse and human. Here, I will be happy to accompany you from getting ready to the training itself to the grooming afterwards.

Fotografie von einer Reiterin mit ihrem Pony nach dem Training

Send me a non-binding message with all your questions using the contact form and I will answer you promptly.

Fotografie von der nase eines Ponies

Mücke, everyday photography

Fotografie eines Labradors vor einem See

As Anna's mother, I have been able to experience and accompany Anna's photographic development over the past few years.

She has a special gift for capturing the small moments that make up the fine bond between humans and animals.

In everyday photography, she always manages to capture and reflect the characters of our individual four-legged friends.

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